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At Optum, Healthier is our passion and our purpose. We are 80,000 health care experts, turning years of medical data into smarter decision making.

We uncover insights that lead to better outcomes for hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, health plans, employers and the millions of lives they touch.


Discover how you can add the Optum EAP to your organization’s benefits.

Discover how you can add the Optum EAP to your organization’s benefits.

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Highlights from the 2nd Annual Life Sciences Industry Forum

Optum, Humedica and industry leaders joined forces in New York on Sept. 9–10, 2013, to share ideas on leveraging real-world data to inform new drug research and development, reposition branded products and improve patient care delivery.

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Employee and Family Assistance Program

The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) assists employees and covered family members with personal problems affecting family life, work life or general well-being.

Thought Leadership

Get the Optum point-of-view on today’s biggest health care-related topics.


Special Report: How CDHPs are Impacting Drug Spending
Unique access to claims data from a large, managed health care plan enabled us to take a remarkable look at the behavior of patients in high-deductible consumer-driven health plans.
GO! Healthy Employee Program to Engage Employees in Their Health
As medical cost trends continue to rise, employers are increasingly looking to provide their employees with affordable, high-quality programs that address their health needs.
Medication Adherence: An Rx for Success
Research has found that higher levels of medication adherence are associated with improved health outcomes and lower health care costs.
Wellness: A Continued Priority for Employers
There are trends in employers’ approaches to wellness and the methods they use to engage their employees and help them achieve health and wellness goals.
The Importance of Promoting Healthy Lifestyles in the Workplace
Companies institute wellness programs in the workplace based on their belief that such programs will improve employee health, reduce medical costs, increase productivity and raise retention rates.