Increase productivity in your workplace while improving your employees’ overall well-being.

At Optum™, we believe that someone with a good sense of well-being is generally healthy, happy and enjoys the benefits – but employers and organizations can benefit from this too. Research and case studies show that happy, healthy employees are more likely to be present, motivated, engaged and productive, as well as resilient and able to deal with change in and outside of work.

We offer employers both employee assistance programs and well-being programs to help support their well-being and mental and physical health.

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The Next Generation of Employee Health Screenings

Discover how employee health screenings can safeguard an employer’s population and boost productivity by raising awareness of key health indicators such as high blood pressure, which often goes undetected and can result in preventable health conditions.

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Jump-start Health Management Program Engagement with Predictive Analytics

Find out how to increase enrollment in health management programs using our new
engagement model and propensity to enroll index.

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Healthy Employees, Healthy Profits — A Stronger Business Case for Employee Health Management Programs

Find out how to increase acceptance of health management programs among line managers and key constituencies by demonstrating the direct impact these programs have on operational business metrics.

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Improving Employee Productivity Through Improved Health

Explore the relationship between Optum wellness and disease anagement program participation and productivity improvements.

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Measuring Health and Wellness Program Value

Get a better understanding of the challenges employers face with health management program reporting and metrics, and what their expectations are for program measurement.

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