Employee Counselling

All OptumTM counselling services are offered through a variety of service modalities. Depending on client needs, access to counselling services can be provided through in-person counselling, telephone counselling or e-counselling.

In-person counselling

In-person counselling is the most traditional method of receiving confidential counselling assistance that uses short-term, solution-focused therapy to assist you to manage the challenges in your life.

Telephonic counselling

Telephone counselling provides your employees with the exact same experienced and qualified counsellors that they would experience in in-person counselling. Some of the advantages to telephone counseling include:

  • Clinical progress can happen more quickly.
  • Stigma of in-person counselling is removed, which helps remove barriers to honesty and identification of solutions.
  • Telephone counseling can be more congruent and comfortable for clients of other cultures and ethnicities.
  • Telephone counseling is more convenient and scheduling is often more immediate than in-person.
  • The individual can choose a quiet, comfortable space that encourages openness during the session and eases the transition out of each session.

Optum also offers an innovative Enriched Telephone Counselling for Depression (ETCD) program. The ETCD has proven results in reducing the presence and severity of depression, helping organizations increase productivity and reduce absenteeism and benefit costs.


Our e-counselling service gives maximum flexibility in counselling services. Via our secure online messaging system, counsellors can be emailed at any time and receive a response within 1-2 business days. e-Counselling is an innovative and creative way of working with a specially trained counsellor by exchanging secure e-mail correspondences. Optum uses a high-security encrypted portal so confidentiality is assured. This is a highly effective medium for clients who are comfortable with technology, enjoy writing and reflecting or have busy lives. They can take advantage of the support of a counsellor on their own schedule (i.e., in the middle of the night, when travelling, etc). Almost any issue is suitable for the online environment and studies show it works very well for individual counselling (couple and family therapy can be challenging via email).

Employees can initiate e-counselling by clicking here .