Work-Life Advisory

OptumTM Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) services have expanded over the years to provide clients support with matters other than those requiring professional counselling.

Legal Consultation 

The legal referrals service includes access to a free legal consultation with a lawyer with specific expertise in the area of law requested.

Duration of legal consultations is typically 30 minutes and this service is accessed by contacting the Optum Client Care Department. In addition to the free legal consultation, up to a 25% rate reduction for the lawyer’s fee is offered to those who wish to continue with legal counsel. All legal services are provided by credentialed lawyers who are registered to practice law in the province in which they work.

Debt Management Service

Our Debt Management Service includes a 45-minute consultation and appropriate referrals. The focus is on helping to get out of financial trouble and engaging in immediate problem solving regarding a debt situation. With clear financial information, Optum helps to make positive steps towards being debt-free.

Financial Planning Service

Our Financial Planning Service includes a 45-minute consultation and appropriate referrals. The consultation may include a focus on pre-retirement planning, tax planning, budgeting, savings, asset allocation strategies, home and major purchase review. We do not provide investment advice or sell any products or services.

Financial services are provided by Certified Financial Advisors, Certified Financial Planners, Certified Public Accountants and Certified Credit Managers.

Will Preparation Service

Optum feels that preparing a will is a valuable life-planning activity that helps individuals secure their families and perhaps others’ financial future. Having a current will allows a person to make important decisions such as who will care for their children, or the distribution of their estate upon their death. Callers are provided with a Will Preparation Kit that contains a comprehensive information package that educates and aids in the preparation of a legal will. They will have access to a free, 30-minute consultation to review their Will Preparation Kit with a legal professional in their local area. Up to a 25% rate reduction for the lawyer’s fee is offered to clients who wish to draft their will through this service.

Information, Advisory and Referral Services

This is an extremely customized service driven by individual need. Clients with requests for particular information or advice, and in need of specialized referrals, may contact our Client Care Department to speak with a Client Care Representative. This individual will research the topic, local community and other resources, and then create a customized package of relevant written information. Based on availability and client preferences, information can be provided in soft or hard copy. Time frames for providing customized or hard-to-find resources will be discussed with callers, as they vary due to the need for additional research. For the majority of requests, an information package will be sent out to the caller within five working days from the date of first contact with Optum.

Customized resource packages are provided to clients for issues regarding:

  • ŸChildcare
  • Eldercare
  • Parenting
  • Youth

Smoking Cessation

QuitCare™ is PPC Canada’s telephone-based smoking cessation program. This service is provided by Master’s level clinicians who have had special training in the QuitCare™ program. Clients bring the motivation and commitment for change, and we provide a structured curriculum and a trained professional counsellor to help them reach the established goals. After an initial screening to make sure clients are a good fit for the program, they will receive a comprehensive workbook that contains valuable information and useful exercises to help set them up for success in the plan to quit smoking. From there, clients and counsellors work together by telephone over four sessions. During these calls, counsellors review the exercises that clients have completed at home and customize effective strategies to give them the best chance for initial and sustained success.