Organizational support

For predictable life events or unforeseen crises, OptumTM offers an adaptable range of support services designed to help organizations and their employees cope in the most proactive and positive ways possible. We offer a flexible, multi-faceted approach to manager and employee development, organizational support, crisis response, employee health monitoring and disability management. Optum can also work with your organization to identify and address issues affecting productivity, efficiency and morale. Our organizational development services offer training, expertise and support and can be custom designed to meet the needs of each organization.



Critical Incident and Trauma Debriefing

Ensure the well-being of your staff and reduce the long-term effects of a critical incident.

Formal Referrals

At OptumTM, our role in a formal referral is to provide a responsive service to both the organization and individual client that maximizes the likelihood that the employee will resolve the personal problem(s) believed to be contributing to unsatisfactory work performance.

Substance Abuse and the Workplace

OptumTM provides comprehensive assessment, training and proactive strategies for dealing with workplace attitudes that support substance abuse.

Training and Development

With OptumTM training and development services, our experienced trainers work with your management team to build a positive and healthy culture within your organization. Through workshops, we offer training for managers on a number of topics including conflict and dispute resolution, stress management and diversity awareness.