Formal Referrals

At OptumTM, our role in a formal referral is to provide a responsive service to both the organization and individual client that maximizes the likelihood that the employee will resolve the personal problem(s) believed to be contributing to unsatisfactory work performance.

This service ensures organizational representatives receive up-front consultation and support in making an appropriate formal referral, including guidance on when a formal referral should not be used.

Optum supports this process by providing confidential consultation to the supervisor contemplating a formal referral. This consultation may involve a review of the performance concerns, any supervisory actions taken to address these concerns with the employee (including previous suggested referrals), confirmation that this is the appropriate plan of action, and coaching on how to best approach the troubled employee. Where deemed appropriate, the supervisor will be encouraged to consult further with internal resources (i.e., a manager or human resources advisor). Optum recognizes that this is often a difficult process for supervisors and that support during this time is critical.

When a formal referral is initiated, Optum receives notification from the employer as well as the name and contact information for the employer representative who will be kept informed regarding the process. Optum provides the employer representative with the following:

  • Number and dates of appointments the employee made/kept/missed
  • ŸWhether or not a referral has been made to a community resource, and whether or not the employee attended this resource
  • Whether or not the employee is compliant with treatment recommendations
  • ŸConfirmation when the counselling has been completed