Well-being services

Employee well-being has become a critical issue for organizations as it impacts productivity, health benefit costs, and employee engagement and retention. The manner in which workplace health and wellness is approached has also evolved from a focus on safety and cost reduction to a business strategy that covers a broad array of initiatives that are part of workplace culture.

Many organizations now appreciate the need for an integrated approach towards mental and physical well-being for their employees. Well-being services are a range of different solutions that can educate, raise awareness and promote a healthier lifestyle and can provide information on current health, including programs to manage health and educate around prevention.


Nutrition and Health Coaching

OptumTM provides personal health coaching and wellness support services to empower and educate employees on setting and achieving their health goals.

Onsite Well-Being Days

Actively engage your employees in their own health and well-being.

Well-being events are popular with organizations that prefer an integrated approach to a well-being program.

Health and Wellness Website

Healthy workplace = healthy employees

Optum™ will bring insights, industry knowledge and expertise to help you create your culture of health and wellness. Through onsite and virtual strategies, your culture of health will engage employees in new and existing programs and increase program utilization across high- and low-risk populations.

Additional Solutions for Well-Being Services

Building a healthy culture

Many of the most successful companies around the globe have adopted a coordinated approach toward health and well-being and are now reaping the benefits, being recognized by government departments, competitors, customers and employees as some of the top places to work, and therefore maintaining their competitive edge.