Additional Solutions for Well-Being Services

Building a healthy culture

Many of the most successful companies around the globe have adopted a coordinated approach toward health and well-being and are now reaping the benefits, being recognized by government departments, competitors, customers and employees as some of the top places to work, and therefore maintaining their competitive edge.

Health education

An essential element of workplace wellness initiatives, workshops and training can provide the education and encouragement employees need to make wise decisions about their health — from quitting smoking to maintaining an exercise program or managing stress to building resiliency. We offer a range of well-being training solutions to help you support employees with the challenges they face. These interactive, practical and motivational programs aim to:

  • Serve as a catalyst to boost employees’ personal health awareness.
  • Motivate employees to make behavior changes.
  • Energize the workplace with live events.
  • Help create a healthy work culture.

Our training and workshop topics include: fitness, healthy eating/cooking, nutrition, stress management, diabetes management, weight management and improving cardiovascular health.

LifeSpeak On-Demand

LifeSpeak On-Demand is an innovative online offering that provides employees with an opportunity to view high-quality streaming video clips of leading experts speaking on a variety of health, wellness and family topics. This e-learning tool provides high-caliber expertise and advice to all employees on a consistent basis, at times and locations that are convenient to them or as their specific needs arise, while also allowing employees to revisit content to refresh their knowledge. Key features include:

  • A 24/7/365 online offering of high-quality streaming videos
  • A valuable human capital tool for an employer looking to foster a resilient workforce
  • The perfect solution for companies with increasingly mobile, dispersed and tech-savvy workforces
  • A tool that can be shared by employees with their family members
Health Consultants

Health Consultants bring insights, industry knowledge and experience to create and execute customized health and wellness solutions that deliver improved health and great value. A Health Consultant can help by:

  • Assessing your organization
  • Developing a strategic plan
  • Communicating and promoting the plan
  • Creating internal partnerships
  • Measuring outcomes for your employee population
Incentive challenges

Challenges are a great way for people to engage with an online community for encouragement and support. Rewarding your employees for joining or completing a challenge can inspire more engagement in the program and help drive healthy behaviors.

Whether the goal is to try to eat right, exercise more or simply live a healthier life, challenge participants can create or join teams in the workplace to help them make progress toward their goals.

Additional Offerings:

  • Online health challenges
  • Telephonic and online coaching
  • Self-managed behaviour change programs
  • Disease management programs
  • Planning, implementation and communication assistance with special health-themed events and activities