Health & Wellness Website

Healthy workplace = healthy employees

Optum™ will bring insights, industry knowledge and expertise to help you create your culture of health and wellness. Through onsite and virtual strategies, your culture of health will engage employees in new and existing programs and increase program utilization across high- and low-risk populations.

Activate your employees with a personalized online experience.

Optum offers employers an easy-to-use, personalized web experience for their employees to manage all aspects of their health and wellness goals. The site can improve your employees’ health by delivering programs and tools in a broad yet personal way, inspiring people to get on — or stay on — track with healthy living.

Your private health and wellness website is your organization’s “experience hub” — the center of your culture of wellness. It connects people with relevant health content, online health coaching, dozens of health tools and trackers, and incentive information and earning status. All to help individuals proactively manage their health, track progress and earn rewards.

The Optum Health and Wellness Website features:

  • Health and wellness-related articles, videos, quizzes and calculators
  • Health assessment
  • Personal health record
  • Online health coach programs
  • Health trackers
  • Incentive program information, earning status and reward redemption steps
Online health risk assessment

Help your employees identify health and well-being risks.

Our online health risk assessment is an interactive online health and well-being portal that enables employees to identify health and well-being risks.

The Optum online health risk assessment provides information, advice and support to help employees make small changes to their lifestyle, which can have a big impact on their health and well-being. In addition, it provides comprehensive group reporting and information that can assist in the formation and review of organizational health and well-being strategies.

With the Online Health Risk Assessment, employees receive:
  • A comprehensive health and lifestyle assessment — enabling them to identify their major health and well-being risks, so that they can focus on their priorities
  • A highly personalized well-being report and action plan — helping employees to understand how their current behaviour impacts their health and well-being, in the short and long term, and raising awareness of the lifestyle changes that can be made to make improvements in those areas
  • A coaching program using email and online tools — providing support and guidance to set and achieve personal health and well-being goals
  • Seamless access to online exercise, nutrition and mental well-being programs — designed to support individuals achieve their personal health goals by providing information on key health and well-being topics, helping them progress toward their goals
  • Access to relevant, local support programs and existing internal resources —  saving employees time and energy trying to identify the support available to them
Our Online Health Risk Assessment assists your organization to:
  • Target your spend on the areas that are most affecting your business, through identification of the key health and well-being risks.
  • Provide a robust approach to building engagement and supporting behaviour change.
  • Strengthen the “employer brand” by providing employees with a valuable benefit to improve health.
  • Reduce sickness absence and return to work times through improved health and well-being.
  • Measure the success of organizational health and well-being programs.
  • Integrate with your existing health and well-being solutions and act as a hub from which to signpost employees to the complete range of health and well-being resources available to them.