Onsite Well-Being Days

Actively engage your employees in their own health and well-being.

Well-being events are popular with organizations that prefer an integrated approach to a well-being program.

Health assessments or biometrics will provide insight to your employees on their current state of health and help them to “know their numbers.” This will help them to understand which areas they need to manage and any areas they should seek to improve. We can also offer preventive services such as flu vaccinations.

Flu vaccinations

Winter is a busy time for many organizations and the last thing that’s needed is significant downtime due to staff sickness. Protect your workforce, your organization and your bottom line from the devastating effects of the flu with onsite flu vaccinations for all employees.

Biometric screening

OptumTM can also arrange biometric screenings, or "Know Your Numbers” clinics, which give the employee an opportunity to receive an assessment of their key health indicators. This service provides accurate information on some of the critical health risk factors that determine current and future health status:

  • Cholesterol level measurement
  • Diabetes risk
  • Blood pressure
  • Body fat
  • Cardiovascular health

All testing equipment is provided and brought to a venue of your choice. Results are available immediately, and if required, a referral to the employee’s general practitioner or occupational health department can be provided. We can also provide senior management with trend and group data analysis reports.

Health and Wellness Workshops

Health and Wellbeing Workshops cover a wide range of topics including: Nutrition and Weight Management, Fitness and Exercise, Tobacco Cessation and Diabetes Management, as well as Managing Stress, Managing Conflict and Building Resiliency.