Data Assets


Unparalleled Data Assets – At Your Fingertips

The size and breadth of the Optum™ database — which includes enrollment information from 1993 to present day on more than 114 million commercial and Medicare lives — allows us to link measures to pharmacy and medical claims history.

  • Physician and patient survey data
  • Clinical evidence abstracted from medical records
  • Laboratory results
  • Death dates
  • Socioeconomic status information

The completeness of the data allows us to investigate any number of patient, physician, treatment and clinical attributes for you. Geographic diversity, combined with the longitudinal nature of these data and the ability to see treatments in many settings, gives any researcher a competitive edge.

Retrospective Databases

Better Information, Better Results

As a division of a health and well-being company serving more than 80 million people globally, Optum™ accesses one of the largest and most robust proprietary health care databases in the world. Massive, comprehensive and mature, it features extremely detailed data captured since 1993. This uniquely rich database enables us to deliver timely, meaningful information to support every aspect of product decision-making.

EHR Clinical Data

Today’s market requires real-world data that accurately reflects the clinical details of patients across the continuum of care — data that is rich enough in specificity to drive the growth of your brand

Claims Linked Registry for Oncology

Dive Deeper into Data for Improved Outcomes

Optum™ is committed to helping patients, payers, providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers improve access, outcomes and efficiency of care. Our Oncology claims-linked registry can help close the knowledge gap between care and outcomes.