Differentiate products

Optum™ can help you go beyond features and benefits to communicate a compelling vision of your product’s value, supported by the best available evidence.

Drive Product Demand

At Optum, we dive deep into real world data to unearth meaningful product stories that demonstrate value to stakeholders. We’ll help you use market insights, pricing and commercialization strategies to share the usefulness and appeal of your products in a way that will generate demand in the marketplace.

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Marketing Analytics

Transform Big Data into Big Results

Life Sciences companies that work with Optum™ have access to unparalleled data assets. Our experienced Marketing Analytics team uses those assets to drive your sales and marketing outcomes and deliver on the promise of big data.

Clinformatics Data Mart

Deeper Analysis Delivers a Better Story

Tired of wasting information technology resources? Ready for big data to bring big results? Clinformatics™ Data Mart can help you turn huge amounts of de-identified patient longitudinal data into insights that tell a compelling story about your product in the marketplace.

Clinformatics for Clinical Trials

Find patients faster, complete trials sooner

Now, there’s a way to complete clinical trials on time and within budget. Introducing Clinformatics for Clinical Trials from Optum™. Clinformatics puts the largest health care claims database in the United States at your fingertips.

Access and Value Solutions

Get Your Products to Market Faster

At Optum™, we know what is needed to meet complex coverage and reimbursement requirements. Let us get your products to market faster. Our expertise in strategic plan development, health policy assessments and dossier preparation helps us uncover the powerful data needed to tell a persuasive story that demonstrates the efficacy and economic value of your products to all stakeholders. Maximize your opportunities in the marketplace with help from the experts at Optum.


When it comes to pharmacoepidemiology, you want real insights, not just information. Optum™ epidemiology experts are recognized worldwide for their scientific rigor and integrity. We’ll help you get a deep understanding of the patients who will ultimately use your products.