Pricing Strategy

Partner with Optum™ analytics experts to develop pricing strategies informed by real-world evidence — including data available from one of the world’s largest claims databases — and maximize opportunities for your products in the global marketplace.

Determine Pricing with Real-World Evidence

Optum™ offers a full suite of pricing strategy services that give pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies the ability to:

  • Develop list and net price recommendations consistent with the value proposition and evidence plan    
  • Leverage the Optum risk-share database and modeling expertise to refine price and access scenarios across product profile variations 
  • Validate proposed pricing strategies with a dedicated panel of global payer experts     
  • Conduct therapy-area price landscape analysis to understand trends and inform future price decisions using analogs from real-world data 
  • Strengthen pricing strategy using proprietary claims data from one of the world’s largest and most detailed health care databases

Our Seven-Stage Approach to Your Pricing Problem

Optum™ is uniquely able to provide you with a comprehensive, end-to-end pricing solution — from defining the problem initially to implementing your market access plan. We will partner with your internal experts to:

  1. Define the pricing problem
    • Ensure alignment and approach to a solution
  2. Analyze the pricing landscape
    • Examine list and net prices (where available) of competition in local markets
    • Price evolution from launch highlighting price changes and insight into key drivers of change
    • Assess future competitive entrants and likely pricing strategy
    • Gauge timing of generic entrants and pricing impact
  3. Generate hypotheses
    • Based on landscape analysis, develop a set of key issues to explore in the project
  4. Develop analogs
    • Leverage UnitedHealth Group claims data to develop product analogs and provide unique, real-world insight into the therapy area
  5. Use the Optum proprietary risk-sharing database to create alternative pricing strategies
  6. Conduct market research
    • Access the Optum Technical Expert Panel (TEP) for validation and feedback
    • Conduct research with providers, patients and caregivers to assess the role price has on prescribing and utilization
  7. Synthesize data and recommendations
    • Taking all project information combined with the expertise of Optum team members, develop a meaningful set of recommendations
  8. Implement market access and evidence generation plan 

A World of Experience

At Optum™, our team of pricing strategy experts brings significant experience to your pricing project, with a successful track record in areas that include:

  • Global launch pricing and market access strategy projects in numerous therapeutic categories
  • Pricing research methodologies and price modeling techniques
  • International price referencing and launch sequence analysis
  • Facilitating payer advisory boards focusing on value proposition feedback and pricing assessments
  • Building payer-centric target product profiles with emphasis on evidence requirements and price alternatives
  • Tailoring global value propositions and pricing strategy to local and regional markets in collaboration with marketing company affiliates